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Put your mind to what it does best. Think, Research, Create, Innovate and Wander, leave the rest to us. Let MiQB handle day to day management, administration, other small jobs for you.

Plug n Use

A major-setback when running a business for entrepreneurs is the statutory, legal and accounting compliances. Entrepreneurs require constant legal, accounting and other services to have sustainable development. MiQB ensuring that corporate services are on-board to allow that sustainable development.

Corporate Services

Enterprises blossoms under 'Mentorship'. They say a question that is for God may be raised to and should be answered by ‘Gurus'. MiQB is backed by some renowned entrepreneurship scholars, who will be happy to answer your queries whenever required.

Management Gurus

Business is like a child to an Entrepreneur and we at MiQB understand that every child has different needs. Just let us know what your business needs and we will endeavor to do our best to make your business a success.

Customized Plans & Services

At W-MiQB We Celebrate Women Entrepreneurs with an Indianized Touch!


Fitness and Creativity go hand in hand. Keeping that in mind MiQB, offers Yoga, Meditation and Fitness classes at concessional rates for a stress-free body, mind, and soul.

Yoga, Meditation & Fitness Pods