Is Co-Working Spaces certainly the Future?

Co-Working Spaces certainly the Future

Is Co-Working Spaces certainly the Future?

Certainly the future and present itself! Coworking spaces come up as a revolution in the industry, which completely changes the way of working forever. It gives liberty to all those employees, entrepreneurs and their team to sign a short-term lease, without any tension of furniture and office equipment. Use only the space they required and surround them with other entrepreneurs.

Why Everyone Loves Coworking Space? Actually, there is no single certain reason, because the list is quite long. But what really fascinating about Coworking Spaces that- It won’t bind you in 9 to 5 stigma. Moreover, most of the coworking space open for 24hours allows you to work according to your preferences.

According to an article by “OfficeVibes” stated according to a survey, there are only 30% of people population appreciates working 9 to 5 normal business hours. Where surprisingly! 70% of people would love to work according to their preference or outside that “normal” business hours.

By seeing the availability and opportunity in coworking spaces. There are brands, which already becomes the business giants in this particular industry and needs no introduction. “We Work” one the biggest venture in the industry, started in 2010 and managing over 4 million square feet area.

Another Survey performed by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), stated that coworking space will procure a long jump about 40% by 2020. India itself about to open around 13.5 million shared spaces, the estimated workforce indulges 10.3 million employees and entrepreneurs of several companies, with 1.5 million freelancers, and 10,000 startups will be on board.

The above figures depict the changes in work culture, and the 9 to 5 working culture won’t remain for long. Where everybody seeking for freedom of time, the work culture would change for good and certainly coworking space working as a medium of the change.

Why Entrepreneurs Thrive in Co-working Spaces?

  • Affordable
  • Retention of Ideas
  • Work Flexibility
  • Choice of Space

Certainly, there are end-number of benefits of working in a coworking space and simultaneously opens up opportunities everywhere, moreover enhances your networking skills. “Networking is equal to Net-income.”


It’s about the money! Every Entrepreneur, Start-up, or even MNC; One of the biggest parts of their investment goes into renting an office, which includes many more amenities side by side. Don’t forget the long term lease agreements binds you for nothing… In search of better alternative co-working space, it makes way easier for every single individual, who wants to work without any limitation.

Susceptible the opportunity for every singly individual to work according to their comfort and also provides them an environment of networking and, where every person is an asset. Also, there wouldn’t be any long-term contracts or lease.

Retention of Ideas

Coworking space just not only gives you the space you ever wanted. But also, it provides you the environment and works culture, which everyone seeks. Most importantly, you will always surround by the entrepreneurs, which eventually turn out to be an asset for your personal growth. Eventually, turn into a productive conversation, exchanging concept and ideas. Who Know? Maybe you’re another startup squad or idea is just around you!

“Networking is an enrichment program, not an entitlement program." -- Susan RoAne

Work Flexibility

Freedom of time would be the next thing every single person seeks. Eventually, not everyone has this. In which our normal business hours play’s a major role in this. However, the tradition of 9 to 5 stigma is changing and entrepreneurs, MNC and Enterprises are adopting flexible time hours for their employees. Where expected by 2020, 64% of the Indian workforce will turn into millennials as per the report by (Deloitte), where every big or small firm is adapting the changes and eventually applying them as well.

Choice of Space

Choice of space or choice of location! Just like another workspace have a certain dedicate office that you need to visit every single day. Where coworking is located at several spaces and gives you an opportunity to have a choice according to their proximity. You Know the biggest advantage? It won’t lead you bored!

Working on the same location over and over might make you feel bored. Well, in the search of a quick change, as an individual or a group can choose to go to any other location every single day.

The above are some genuine advantages of coworking spaces, which turn India into a coworking space wave.


Coworking space tends to be the game-changer in work culture, Especially millennials are into much more advantageous having separate office space, whenever and wherever they wanted. Big Industry giants such as Barclay, Microsoft, IBM are now measuring coworking spaces, they’ve recognized the potential of a coworking space. With such huge enterprises and MNCs entering in the market leads an indication, that it’s just a matter of time until other corporation joins the runs.