What is Co-Working

What is Co-Working

Co-Working Spaces

According to Google, Co-working is the use of an office or other working environments by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.

Co=together and Work= professional earning activities, after aligning it will be defined as working under the same roof while using the same resources but for different companies.

Amazing Benefits of Co-Working Spaces

First Conceptualized by Sunshine Suites, in October 2001, Co-Working Spaces has grown in the last decade helping many startups, corporate companies, entrepreneurs to grows in that flexible spaces. Few Famous companies like Instagram, Uber, Spotify start their business with co-working spaces.

Within the last decade, the ideas of co-working spaces have grown many folds and yet expanding. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that co-working spaces like innov8, We Work, MiQB is helping many entrepreneurs to get the best trendy offices at the lowest price, Let’s have a look at few benefits of Co-working spaces.


The environment of these working spaces is very flexible with no rules and regulations to follow. A member can book the desk he desires and works accordingly to his/her own will.

Networking & Collaborating

These working places can provide you the best opportunities to connect, build a network and collaborate with professionally-minded people from different backgrounds to grow and gain knowledge.

Socializing with these creative and minded people is important to clear your vision and reach your goals easily. These co-working spaces can provide you the platforms to be a part of the community and interact and exchange ideas with them.

Personal Spaces with Professional Engagement

Unlike other corporate office spaces, these working spaces provide you the liberty to enjoy your own personal spaces to relax from work, de-stress from pressure. Many Co-working spaces have some indoor spaces like table-tennis, chess and other amenities in their lounge areas to relax, listen to music between working hours to have the proper balance with work and life while being more creative, to be more productive.

Better Facilities and Amenities

Co-working is not only about the chair, desk, and internet to make you work for hours with boredom. These working spaces are all about member’s comfort while they work.

This membership can provide you the chance to feel more relax and be more creative and productive towards your work. While they handle all your management, administration and small jobs for you.

Your work will be in process while you relax in the lounge area with some gaming or in other facilities like yoga rooms, beer, and wine cafe, or relax your body in the gym

These working spaces can also provide you travel facilities, indoor and outdoor gaming, events management, corporate parties and functions, conference, training and many more.

Better business growth

Unlike the other offices, the co-working spaces will help you in growing your business much better. Connecting and networking with people can bring more ideas that will work for you in expanding your business.

There may b a possibility that your co-workers will be your potential clients or could provide you some good references.

Co-working for Freelancer

A freelancer is a person who is temporarily hired by a company to perform the desired task according to his/her will. They prefer to have peaceful and spacious spaces to think, create and deliver their quality work to their clients. They do need to have some amenities around their working spaces. So, Working spaces will be the perfect places for them.

Co-working for Corporate Company

Nowadays, Corporate company is shifting towards co-working spaces. It fulfills their dream of big offices with spaces and all amenities. These working spaces act as their new offices while making the employees happy.

Co-working for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Co-working spaces are the best options that any entrepreneurs and startups with small teams can get. They didn’t have that much financial support to have their place on lease with the best design within their budget. So at working places, they can have the best design with the best facilities available for their teams. They can also provide meeting rooms and cabins for them if required for clients/sponsor meetings.

Co-working for Employees of a company

Many surveys suggest that employees at co-working spaces can be more creative and results in more productivity as compared to traditional offices. In this working space’s relaxing environment, employees can feel relaxed and be more productive for their company as well as themselves.